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Cameo Adele Breaks Feminine Constructs on "Get Me High" featuring Joules

My homie had sent me a text message with a video that read "Get Me High" by Cameo Adele featuring Joules. What caught my eye was the cover, which exhibits a woman with armpit hair. Based off several conversations I've had with women who decide to keep their underarm hair, it's usually a signifier of freedom and (in some ways) a form of rebellion towards feminine constructs.

Cover art aside, Cameo Adele uses a cigarette metaphor to explain her viewpoints on toxic masculinity:

"You're as useless, useless, useless
As my cigarette I still crave it, crave it, crave it
And then I regret
You're never gonna get me high"

Between the record's clear message and it's artistic videography, I think Cameo Adele will have a colorful future ahead of her; not to mention Joules, who absolutely gave off a ferocious feminine energy on her verses. Check out the video to "Get Me High" below:

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