• Joci Hinners

Columbus-Bred LiyahMoni Stands Out w/ Stark Poetic Lyrics on Family Issues to Sexual Liberation

LiyahMoni fell in love with writing at 8-years-old. She has been writing her own poetry and lyrics ever since, with the influence of many powerful women from Queen Latifah, EVE, and Lauryn Hill. Her music focuses on the hardships she faced growing up, following issues with her father, insecurity, relationships, and family troubles. Her upbringin helps to shape her lyrics, and add emotion to her delivery through the challenging topics covered.

One of her most recent releases, and a favorite of mine, "Alarm Clock Blues", is a narrative style letter written to herself about overcoming internal insecurities layered over a steady beat. She raps in the beginning about not being a good enough musician or lyricist but counters at the end with feeling empowered by the support she has racked up over the years, following the motif of ‘“trusting your talent” throughout the song. 

She will hopefully continue to trust herself and her obvious talent through more albums and performances.

You can listen to this track below:

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