• Nico Blitz

DJ Upgrade on "Drop It to the Clap", Oakland Politics, New Bay Area Rappers | The Lunch Table

Turf Dancing is a subculture that is extremely special to the Bay Area. It was the nearly the thing to do in high school, and I guarantee that someone you know from the Bay has done something Turf related or knows someone who does.

Furthermore, you can't discuss Turf Dancing without mentioning DJ Upgrade, a producer from Oakland who's best known for his song "Drop It to The Clap". The instructions for the song are in the title, and the record was easily the most played song amongst turf dancers and clubs alike.

I got the chance to speak with DJ Upgrade on the impact of his notorious song, along with Oakland politics that may help or prevent its people from pursuing their goals.

Listen to "Drop It to The Clap" on our Spotify playlist.

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