• Nico Blitz

Feefa Interview: Dating OITNB Star Jackie Cruz, LA-Tinos, Rap's Spanish Inspired Wave

I learned about Feefa a couple months ago when he won a radio station competition with Homegrown radio at Real 92.3. Turns out that wasn't even the first time I had heard his music.

His record "Nada Mas" with Chris O'Bannon is what caught my attention after I saw a clip on Instagram of the two performing the record at a pool party. Soon after, he was able to open up for the likes of Cardi B, Migos and 2 Chainz at the first annual Real Street Fest.

This opportunity to talk with him on The Lunch Table revealed a hungry musicians looking to shed light on the entire Latino community in Los Angeles. Learn more about Feefa in our latest interview with him below:

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