• Nico Blitz

HeyDeon's "Better Days" Video Questions Adulting and Happiness

I started my day off watching HeyDeon's "Better Days" music video and it reminded me to think about the important things in my life. Let me put it to you this way; this less than 3 minute music video had me thinking about everything that made me happy without monetary involvement.

Remember when having fun meant going outside and playing basketball for hours on end? Now my friends and I need a budget to kick it because adulting means food, drinks and partying. Lately I've been off of all that (except for food), but I really want you all to think about where the things that actually make us happy are on your priority list.

That's just what I got from HeyDeon's "Better Days" video. After you watch it you tweet us your thoughts @thelunchtable

Check out HeyDeon's 2019 project Sucker For Love here.

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