• Nico Blitz

Hi-Rez Interview: Fan-Produced Album, Dax Beef TV Series, Going Pescatarian + More

So I'm DJing at one of my Los Angeles residencies and this guy comes up to me after I played a consecutive rollout of 90s hip hop songs. He wanted to follow me on social media. I followed him back and noticed he had a shit ton of followers. I did my research later on and found that he's been rapping for 10+ years and is actually the guy who did the famous McDonald's rap back in the day.

Fast forward, I kept in touch with Florida rapper Hi-Rez and we cranked out an hour interview while he was in Los Angeles, following the release of his 2019 album Only for the Fans: The Album. We went on to talk about his long-lasting career in the music industry as an independent artist, his 'beef' with Dax (after the Canadian rapper had called him out on a song), and hella fun facts about his personal life.

Learn more about Hi-Rez in his most in-depth interview to date with The Lunch Table:

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