• Nico Blitz

Holland Izz Interview: Compton's Next Up-And-Coming Rap Star

Holland Izz had reached out to me via email back in March and flexed his music video to "Two Tone Drip". Encapsulated by his high-toned voice and boundary-pushing sound, I wasn't completely sold on whether this kid was serious about music as a career.

Several months later he drops his album Stay Sunny, which cohesively is Holland Izz. Between records like "Classless", "Do Wit It", and "Nicaragua", the Compton native is one of the few rappers in Los Angeles who have solidified their own sound.

It was only right to have Holland for an interview where he reveals that he was getting bullied at school for being the eccentric person he is. Learn more about Holland Izz and his album Stay Sunny in our interview with him below:

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