• Nico Blitz

JohnnyDarling Characterizes A Chill Southern California Lifestyle in "Waves"

Lately I've been stepping away from hip hop and leaning more towards the vibrant feel-good songs for the summer. To satiate my need for this sound, I was luckily sent a DM by an up-and-coming electro-funk soul duo. Consisting of Ian Rivera and Cedric Ivory, JohnnyDarling is a promising group based in Southern California who's latest single "Waves" characterizes the livelihood of their area, though I lightweight feel like I'm in Hawaii listening to their music.

A simple cover art complimented with a simple song is all I needed. It's nothing thought provoking, but rather just a clear-cut record that takes me away from the complexities of life.

I haven't felt this good about an group since discovering MIKNNA earlier this year, and if you're into music that'll sooth your soul, you'll want to stay tapped in with JohnnyDarling.

Listen to their latest record "Waves" below:

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