• Nico Blitz

"Layup" is HeyDeon's Flavor on West Coast Bounce

HeyDeon's had an amazing 2019. Between his ever-growing album Sucker for Love, and opening up Snoop Dogg's set at Summertime in the LBC, the Long Beach musician finds himself closing the year emulating today's popular west coast music.

Producer Cassius Banks satirically starts the record off with the overly-used four count, but utilizes sounds that correlate with HeyDeon's sonics. Deon mentions that he doesn't want a girl that's a 'layup' or too easy throughout the song, simply because he's a Sucker for Love. See what I did there?

I'm happy to see Deon has the west coast bounce in his arsenal, proving his capabilities to hop on something everyone and anyone can do. It makes his album much more special.

Check out "Layup" by HeyDeon below:

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