• Nico Blitz

$MASH, THA HOMIE Highlights Preferences of Every Race in "GIIIRLS"

Normally when I get tagged in videos or photos on Instagram the music is trash 9 times out of 10. This song happened to be in the 10% of music that I actually enjoyed.

Los Angeles native Smash, The Homie's (stylized $MASH, THA HOMIE) record "GIIIRLS" started off with the Pharrell's signature four count that everyone's currently utilizing, but he doesn't make it the highlight of the song. Referencing bits and pieces of what he enjoys from African, Asian, Latin and all types of women, "GIIIRLS" is the perfect record that showcases $MASH's knowledge of culture.

In the second half of the record, THA HOMIE says "My Filipino girl with the business, she like the pandesal with the chicken", and it had me completely obliterated with enjoyment. Anyways, shoutout to $MASH for making a smash record. Check out his self-directed visual to "GIIIRLS" below:

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