• Nico Blitz

Myles Parrish Details A Broken Heart on Ballad-Inspired "Repair"

In 2019 we've seen a spectrum of Myles Parrish's music. He taps in with his Bay Area roots on "BACK", and tackles the Spanish-rap inspired wave on "Drop It (Donde Quieras)", but neither are as heartfelt as the song he dropped last night.

"Repair" is a ballad-inspired single that expresses Myles battle to fix his broken heart. Between rides from Los Angeles to San Diego, to his homies calling her a 'hoe' to uplift his spirit, Myles deals with the day-to-day aftermath of a relationship that couldn't work out in the end.

Personally this record is necessary for the times. Music nowadays isn't as vulnerable as this, so to hear Myles make club bangers to this showcases his versatility and willingness to push boundaries when appropriate. Listen to "Repair" below and check out our interview with him from earlier this year.

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