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North Carolina's Danny Kidd Copes with Growing Up in 'The Fear of Blooming'

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

The newest release from up and coming Raleigh artist Danny Kidd takes an introspective look on the hardships of growing up and struggling with mental health.

The 19-year-old puts his feelings into steady verses accompanied by creative beats, melodic singing, and spoken word in his 2019 project The Fear of Blooming. This 8-song project paints a picture of the difficulties associated with growing up in the 21st century from internal battles, the prevalence of the internet, and the assumed naivety of dreaming.

This album is full of stand out messages and lyricism, my personal favorite coming from “Can’t Relate” the single from the album. The golden line being:

“It’s safe to remain stagnant/ but I’d rather put my dreams in action”

This is an important mindset for everyone to grasp onto, and is especially important for someone as young as Danny to have while he pushes himself to have a place in the hip hop scene.

The North Carolina native has been writing and recording music with his hometown collective OAK CITY MOB since late 2015. We can expect more from the group and especially more from Danny Kidd while he continues to grow in his music and his identity.

Listen to The Fear of Blooming below: 

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