• Joci Hinners

Ohio's Booty&theKidd Blend Rap, Jazz and American Folk on "The Vine"

Hip-hop, Jazz, and Indie crossover band Booty&theKidd is made up of three vocalists; Booty, the Kidd, and Tina, accompanied by a 6-piece jazz ensemble all hailing from Columbus, Ohio. They specialize their sound with a unique mix of indie vocals, rap lines, and jazz instrumentals but make sure to vary the mix of genres with each song.

One of their more recent releases, "The Vine", tacks on another genre featuring vocals from Caamp, an Ohio-based American Folk group. The folkier hook at the beginning of the song accompanied only by guitar is met in the second verse by a hip hop inspired percussion beat. This song then incorporates a sung chorus as well as multiple rap lines that include the earlier folk guitar and beats. This piece is surely gaining traction for Booty&theKidd proving to be their new most listened to song on Spotify with over 430,000 more streams than their previous.

The seamless fusion of genres surely make this Ohio band stand out. Booty&theKidd are currently playing shows around New York and gearing up for Borderland festival later this month.

Listen to "The Vine" featuring Caamp below: 

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