• Nico Blitz

Regi Levi Interview: Inland Empire Rapper Will Slowly But Surely Take Over the Music Industry

Myself, Bootleg Kev & Brownboi Maj were drunk one night and decided to go on Instagram Live to listen to up and coming artists' music. Literally 99% of the music we heard was trash, and the last percentage point of really good music came from Regi Levi.

Spawning from the Inland Empire in Southern California, Regi may be compared to a Post Malone in his super early stages. He played his record "Switched Up" which unquestionably caught our attention and may have sobered us up a bit.

In our interview, he discusses the landscape of music in the Inland Empire, the progress of Asian artists in the music industry, and shares a story of opening up for YBN Cordae amongst other things. Learn more about Regi Levi on The Lunch table below:

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